You've found everything you'll need. Welcome to Rogue Planet Studios. A production company unlike anything you've experienced before. We don't just create features, programs, videos or commercials - we create full immersion experiences.

The bottomless creative well of our innovative team also brings music, technology, art and writing to astonishing new levels. These are filmmakers, designers, artists and musicians of limitless inspiration tapping the infinite realm of imagination to create new elaborate worlds ready to explore and enjoy.

Beyond the ordinary. Verging on magic. Release the grip on perceived reality. Welcome to the dream machine - a vivid new landscape. Welcome to the Rogue Planet.

More to come, meantime...

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Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, looked at the universe surrounding him and saw poetry. He observed the movement of celestial bodies and dubbed it "the music of the spheres," forever blending the worlds of art, philosophy and science. Embracing this core concept, mixed with a savvy business sense, is the central crux of Rogue Planet. The best solution for a given situation will rarely result from one school of thought, but will most often be discovered after visiting all four - at least in Hollywood.

Of course Pythagoras furthermore states that the sum of the squares of the two lesser sides of a right triangle will equal the square of the greater adjacent side - which Rogue Planet also holds to be true.

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